Adelaide Emergency Hot Water Repair & Replacement

Upstream Plumbing Specialists offer service, repairs and new installations of Gas, Electric and Heat pump Hot Water Units. If your having hot water issues call today for a fully licensed Adelaide Plumber. 

If your hot water service requires replacing call us for expert advice on what system would best be suited to your property. Hot water systems come in many shapes, sizes and powered by different energy sources. We have expert hot water plumbers who service the greater metropolitan Adelaide area and offer a Same Day Service to get your hot water up and running to prevent any hassle to your day to day schedule. 


Continuous flow hot water heater is a compact unit which can deliver hot water on demand without having to heat and store hot water in a tank. This makes it a very energy efficient option as the unit powers on when the hot water tap is turned on and heats immediately. 

These units are suitable for small 1 Bedroom units right through to large commercial sites. 

Gas storage hot water units are another energy efficient option for your house or commercial site compared to an electric unit. They heat a tank of water which typically come in two sizes 130L or 160L with a performance of up to 330L and 360L of hot water in the first hour respectively. The tanks come with generous warranties and come in stainless steel or vitreous enamel options. These are mains pressure units meaning you will have the best flow possible and flow will not be restricted if multiple taps are turned on.


Electric hot water units range from 5L kitchenette units right through to commercial 400L storage units. Whether your electric unit needs servicing or replacement call the hot water experts at Upstream Plumbing today. Electric units are mains pressure fed meaning you will get the best flow possible at all your hot water outlets. 

We have great experience in replacing your old gravity fed ceiling hot water unit with a new mains pressure electric unit outside preventing the chance of the unit leaking in the ceiling and causing damage to your property. The difference in flow will be significantly better. 

Electric units are cheaper to purchase but the cost of running is greater than gas units and heat pumps. However they can be installed so they are connected to a Day rate Tariff which will heat 24/7 to suit high demand hot water usage. Alternatively they can be connected to an Off Peak Tarriff which usually heats at night time. 

Heat Pump

A Heat pump is a great energy efficient option if you do not have gas supply to your property. These units are classed in the same economic category as solar hot water units making them great replacement options for electric hot water units. 

Heat pumps work by collecting energy from the ambient outside air and transfers this energy into heat which is used to heat water in a storage tank.